15 Activities to Entertain Your Kids on Vacation

As the holidays approaches and with them increases the stress of parents not knowing how to entertain the children who will be at home all day.

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If you don’t want your children to be bored, but you also don’t want them to spend morning and night on the internet, these activities are a good option for them to have fun in a healthy way.


1. Camp indoors

Camping inside the house

2. A foosball table with a box, clothespins and straws

Foosball made of box, clothespins and straws

3. Create a Laser Trap with Some Yarn

Kids Playing in Yarn Laser Trap

4. Have them paint with their feet

Children painting with their feet

5. Bring out your inner artist by painting rocks

Painted Rocks

6. Make Balloon Piñatas Filled with Water

Children Playing Water-Filled Balloon Piñatas

7. Have them practice writing in a litter box

Writing Practice Litter Box

8. Chalk a Target Shot in the Yard

Children Playing Target Shooting in Playground

9. Use Recycled Materials to Make Toys

Crocodile Paper Rolls

10. Stilt with cans and cords and test your balance

Children on tin stilts

11. Bowl with plastic bottles

Bowling pins made from plastic bottles

12. Make Giant Bubbles with the Help of Strings and Sticks

Children Playing with Giant Bubbles

13. Sort caps by size and color

Boy playing with colorful lids

14. Design Crayon T-Shirts

Little girl wearing T-shirt designed by Crayons

15. Exploding Paint Bags in the Yard

Girls popping paint bags in the playground




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