25 People Who Prove That Being A Dad Is The Best Job In The World

Some will think that the best job in the world for a man would be something like being a famous wrestler, the best footballer, or even watching TV all day; However, there are some who think that becoming a parent is the best job of their entire life.

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These 25 parents will convince you that this is the best job in the world.


1. You Can Be an Interior Designer

Room with a tent with teddy bears and Christmas series

2. Imitating Dad

Boy sticking out his tongue like dad for selfie

3. Strategize so that your child is programmed to always be the best

Father decorates his son's room in the shape of a basketball court

4. Sometimes You’ll Be a Gym Instructor

Father Shows Them How Exercise Is Important for Health

5. Mowing the lawn has never been as much fun as it is now

Father and son mowing the grass in underpants

6. There will always be time to take care and play at the same time

Dad plays Xbox while bottle feeding his son with the controller

7. You Become a Skilled Engineer

Dad invents swing for his daughter in which he is the swing

8. … or in monster

Father carries his son on his shoulders to pretend to be a monster

9. Also in a Viking

Father in Biking scarf dressed up just like his baby

10. Workout Time Has Never Been Harder

Father pull-up as he carries his children on his back and legs

11. Any object becomes a toy

Dad carries his daughter in his suitcase while dragging her like a cart

12. The Day You Became a Hero

Dad saves his daughter from being run over by stroller driven by girls

13. Or When You Made the Best Stroller in the World

Man makes a stroller in the shape of a boat because his son likes boats

14. Father and Son Are the Best Playcouple

Father and son dressed as Robocop in a department store

15. You’re that Spider-Man he admires so much

Father and sons dressed as Spiderman sitting in a home garden

16. This father is like the best father in the world

Sandiwiches Part 1
Sandwiches Part 2
Sandwiches Part 3

Day by day she makes a sandwich for her son with a different design.

17. Sometimes You Have Your Rewards

Father pulls son with a string while he's drinking a beer from the shade

18. Self-defense is paramount for your kids

Father teaches his daughter self-defense and in the end Legana gives her a kiss

19. Even if you take a nap, you can entertain them

Dad Wears T-shirt in the shape of a path to entertain his kids while taking a nap

20. The Best Father and Best Husband

Dad teaches his son to be rough or apparently driving in the car

I asked my husband how they were doing and this is what he sent me…

21. The Fruit Warriors

Papa eats pineapple while son poses with watermelon helmet

23. As long as you’re a Jedi, disguise doesn’t matter

Dad dresses up as Princess Lea to make his daughter a Jedi

24. For When You Don’t Want To Get Out Of Bed

Father walks his children on a mattress to take a nap

25. And for some parents, extreme should be part of their growing up

Father Teaches His Son How to Skateboard

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