As a father and son… 24 Adorable Photos of Parents and Kids

Little ones love and admire everything their parents do, and they see them as a role model on a daily basis. That admiration is reflected in the fact that they dress the same, have similar tastes and attitudes, and even do the same activities together.

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Because of that unique connection, in this post we present you 24 images dedicated to that special relationship between parents and children.


1. Father and Son Planning Something

Father and son lying down looking at each other

2. Same gestures at bedtime

Father and daughter asleep in the same pose

3. Squeaky!

Father pretends to cry just like his son

4. Do Not Disturb: Men at Work

Father and son sitting at tables doing the same thing

5. In the middle of the creative process

Thoughtful father and son with hand on head

6. Let’s fly!

Father and son dressed as pilots at an airport

7. Musicians

A father teaching his son to play the guitar
A father standing next to his son with an accordion each

8. Shoveling the Snow

A father with his son each on a tractor in the snow

9. Learning the Hard Work

A child behind his dad with a wheelbarrow each

10. Mastering the Path

Father and son doing the same pose with their tricycle and motorcycle

11. Pruning the garden

Father and son in a garden with pruners

12. Father and Son Cops

Father and son getting into a police car

13. Getting Ready to Roll

Father with his children fixing their motorcycles

14. Let’s get to work!

Father at one side of his son each with a toolbox

15. Exercising

Father and son handstand on a beach

16. Lumberjacks

Father with his son in his arms dressed alike

17. Same Habits

Father and son with finger on nose

18. Father and Son Punks

Father and son in a park with the same hairstyle

19. The First Shave

Father and son shaving in front of a mirror

20. Ready for the Wedding

Father and son in dress suit ornate on a wall

21. Same Gestures

Father and daughter making the same face and blowing kiss

22. Winks

Father and son making the same face

23. The same eyes!

Father and son with the same face and very similar

24. Surprised!

Lookalike father and son with the same face and eyes the same color

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