15 Fascinating Photographs That Show Us How Children Sleep in Other Countries

Have you ever imagined how people sleep in other countries? Not everyone in the world has a comfortable bed as most of us might think. There are many people who are in a situation of extreme poverty and sleep on any surface; Another reason is in cultures different from ours.

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Australian photographer James Mollison captured in strong but great photographs how children from different countries sleep in their rooms or beds. The result of this experiment had both negative and positive reactions on a global scale.

It is worth mentioning that this photo gallery was made for non-profit purposes and to expose children’s rights. We leave you with this fascinating work.


Alex, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Curly-haired boy in orange t-shirt

Indira, Kathmandu, Nepal

Girl holding an axe over her shoulder

Syra, Iwol, Senegal

Colored girl staring

Risa, Tokyo, Japan

Girl with her face painted white

Anonymous, Cambodia

Shirtless boy carrying a bag

Joey, Kentucky, USA

Military Room Boy with Gun

Jaime, New York, US

Boy in suit

Dong, Yunnan, China

Boy with scarf around his neck

Ahkohxet, Amazonas, Brazil

Little girl with paint on her torso

Refugee in Rome, Italy

Bed on floor, boy dressed in red jacket and cap

Tzvika, Beitar Llit, Jordan

Boy Dressed in White

Prena, Kathmandu, Nepal

Blue wall and little girl dressed in red

Rihannon, Darvel, Scotland

Girl with punk style

Li, Beijing, China

Little girl in pink tutu

Lamine, Boukiling, Senegal

Boy carrying an ax on his shoulder


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