13 Wooden and Cardboard Toys for Creative and Happy Kids

Get away from plastic with these 13 toys made of cardboard and wood that your child will love. The benefit is that you will pollute less and you can also make them with your own hands and thus create a special bond with your child. These toys will remind you of those from your own childhood, even you will be able to play with them and you will feel like a child again.

Table of Contents

1. Wood Machinery Trucks

Wood Machinery Trucks

2. Cardboard House

Boy in a cardboard house

3. And for dolls

Cardboard dollhouse

4. Wooden to decorate with chalk

Wooden houses to decorate with chalk

5. Cardboard Castle

Kids and mom in cardboard castle

6. Small Town Made of Rocks

Small town made of rocks

7. Cardboard stroller

Child's car made of cardboard

8. Wooden kitchen

Wooden kitchen

9. Wooden Chalk Painting Laptop

Wooden laptop for chalk painting

10. Wood blender

Wooden Blender Toy

11. Wooden Motorcycle

Wooden motorbike

12. Cardboard TV

Television made of cardboard

13. Cardboard tent

Toy stall made of cardboard


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