Photographs show the beauty of the mixing of races in families

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After all, globalization has not only brought us changes in the economic sector, it has also changed culture, races, and people. Photographer Cyjo, who hails from South Korea and grew up in the United States, portrayed some families who carry that rich and beautiful ethnic mix with them.

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The project, titled “Mixed Blood,” sought out families with widely divergent ancestry who can no longer declare themselves citizens of a single country, but of the world. In the images you can see that ethnicity and genetic inheritance not only say a lot about an individual, but also about their entire family. The photos were taken in New York and Beijing, China between 2010 and 2013. In addition to parents and children, the images also present a glimpse of the world of each of these families, making evident how this mixture of cultures works very well in the environment in which they live.

The 2000 U.S. census was the first to allow people to check more than one option when asked about race. It was not so surprising that almost 7 million people (out of more than 300 million inhabitants) chose to mark more than one, recognizing themselves as multiracial people.

Take a look at the pictures of these families:

Doyle Family

Citizenship: North American
Ancestry: Cuban, African, Indian Creole, French and Irish
Languages: English, Spanish and French
Current City: New York

Mix Ethnicities, Families (1)

Chandola Family

Citizenship: Indian and Korean
Ancestry: Indian and Korean
Languages: English, Korean, Mandarin and Hindi
Current City: Beijing

Mix Ethnicity, Families (8)

Snodgrass Family

Citizenship: American and Chinese
Ancestry: German, Irish, and Chinese
Languages: English and Mandarin
Current City: Beijing

Mix Ethnicities, Families (7)

Valter Family

Citizenship: American and German.
Ancestry: German, French, Indian, African American, Bahamian
Languages: English, German, French, Spanish
Current City: New York

Mix Ethnicities, Families (6)

Kishimoto Family

Citizenship: Chinese and Japanese
Ancestry: Han Chinese, Japanese, Chinese Xibo
Languages: Japanese and Mandarin
Current City: Beijing

Mix Ethnicities, Families (5)

Casarosa Family

Citizenship: American, Italian, and Korean
Ancestry: Italian and Korean
Languages: English, Italian and Korean Current
City: New York

Mix Ethnicity, Families (4)

Huang Rierson Family

Citizenship: American and Belgian
Ancestry: Chinese and all of Western Europe except France
Languages: Mandarin, French and English
Current City: Beijing

Mix Ethnicities, Families (3)

James Family

Indian, English, Dutch, Chinese, German, Irish, Japanese and Russian.
Languages: English, French and English Piddin
Current City: New York

Mix Ethnicity, Families (2)


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