7 FOOLPROOF Tricks to Keep Mosquitoes Away from Your Home

Typically, it’s all honey on eyes as you sleep at night and as soon as you take your hand or foot out of the blankets you feel itchy, the mosquitoes are doing their thing!

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The worst part is when they rub in your ear how adept they are at sneaking around and they even seem amused to see you desperate to get rid of them.

And you’re kind of like this…

Take it easy! While we can never get rid of those annoying little ones, it’s very easy to keep them away from our home. We’ve got 7 effective tricks that will make even the most reckless mosquito tremble. Keep reading, take note and don’t despair.

1) Dryer sheets

You can use a couple of these handy wipes to rub them on your skin, assuming that the mosquitoes won’t land on you for a second.

Of course, it is not recommended to do it with people with very sensitive skin or very young children or it could cause irritation.

2) Dish soap

Methods to Keep Mosquitoes Away

There is something about this soap that mosquitoes find irresistible. Check it out for yourself and place some product – if it’s citrus, so much the better – in a container, and voila! Mosquitoes will be so attracted that they will stop bothering you, at least for a while.

3) Oils, incense, candles…

Methods to Keep Mosquitoes Away

These types of products made from scents that repel them are a perfect option for outdoor use and work much better if the fragrances are citrusy, i.e.
lemon and orange. But eucalyptus and lavender also keep them at a good distance from your skin.

4) Plant Basil Pots

Methods to Keep Mosquitoes Away

A 2-in-1 tip. On the one hand, you will have this medicinal plant at hand, and on the other, its smell will completely repel these annoying busybodies.

5) The Reliable Old Lady: Vinegar

Methods to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Vinegar is multi-purpose. There’s nothing grannies can’t solve with him and this problem couldn’t be left behind. Mix half a glass of water with a quart of vinegar and put it near the windows. Their strong smell is not going to let them in, who’s laughing now, mosquitoes?

6) Lemon

Methods to Keep Mosquitoes Away

It’s as easy as cutting a lemon in half and placing a few cloves on top.

And if all else fails…

Insect Repellent

If you’ve tried everything and those rogue mosquitoes refuse to leave your house, it’s time to use the heavy artillery: a good insect repellent, no way you warned them before.

Some of these protectors have long-lasting continuous protection of up to 8-9 hours and even extreme outdoor weather does not minimize their level of protection.

The best thing is that with this type of product you won’t have any problems with your skin because they are specially designed for it and there are even some that bring aloe vera and other specialized ones that have the endorsement of dermatologists.

And that’s it! Getting your 8 hours of sleep will no longer be a problem.

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