11 Smart Choices You Can Make If You Want to Help the Planet

Surely you are aware that the planet is in trouble, thanks to the “success” of the human species. And you will also know that after exterminating dozens of species of animals and plants and deteriorating the conditions of the planet, the risk is now for human beings. Much of the damage is due to industrial activity. However, we can always do something to help the planet (and ourselves).

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Here are some solutions the industry has found, options you can start implementing if you have the opportunity.


1. Seaweed bottles

seaweed bottles

Icelandic student Ari Jónsson, from the Icelandic Academy of Arts, came up with the idea to create these bottles. When they are empty, they begin to degrade; When they are full for a long time, they can flavor the water.

2. Plastic sneakers in the sea


Adidas partnered with Parley for the Oceans to make the world better. They have made many sneakers and clothing from plastic collected from the oceans. They are made of blue and gray color, and they are just like any other material.

3. Compostable cups and bags

Cardboard Compostable cups and bags

The Indonesian company Avani created this material with corn starch, which is compostable (meaning it can serve as a soil nutrient). They also make bags made of cassava identical to those made of plastic. They decompose in just half a year and are soluble in water.

4. Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax Wraps wrapping

The company Bee’s Wrap has also done its bit. Create food wrappers made from cotton, beeswax, and jojoba oil. The wrap is reusable and washable.

5. Banana Wallets

Banana Wallets Portfolios

Green Banana Paper manufactures objects with banana fiber, replacing the skin. They make wallets and paper from banana trees that die after harvesting.

6. Eco-friendly 6-pack packaging

Eco-friendly 6-pack packaging

Completely biodegradable six-pack packages manufactured by E6PR that will save the lives of many animals. They decompose in days and are edible for marine wildlife.

7. Energy-saving watering can

Energy-saving watering can Watering

This watering can save up to 70 percent of the water you use when you bathe. It atomizes the water and instead of using 76 liters on average for a shower, it uses only 20.

8. A container to clean the ocean

Container to clean the ocean

This container floats in bodies of water and can collect up to 20 kg of garbage. It sucks up water and trash and then filters it, and can even pick up oil.

9. Edible Packaging

Edible Packaging

Water bubbles made from algae by the company Skipping Rocks Lab. Instead of bottles, the tiny spheres, called Ooho!, can be eaten and filled with any liquid.

10. Biodegradable coffins

Biodegradable coffins

These coffins prevent the use of materials such as wood and thus avoid killing a tree to bury a dead person. Capsule Mundi coffins are made from biodegradable materials; Ideally, you should also choose a tree to be planted on top of the person, which will be nourished when the body returns to the earth.

11. Garden Houses

Garden House

Green Magic Homes builds hobbit-like houses. Modular buildings are covered in dirt and may have vegetation on top of them. The constructions are durable and don’t need much maintenance, plus they have better climate control than a traditional home. There are also variants for different climates.




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