15 Great Urban Designs You Need to Make Your City Sustainable

Architects and industrial designers have now excelled with these urban proposals, which are not only pleasant spaces for public use, but also offer a different and very practical visual alternative.

Table of Contents

Be amazed by its practical furniture and ecological systems that may seem like crazy ideas, but over the years they will adapt to the futuristic changes of the big cities.

We welcome all those creations and new trends that make the streets more attractive for the care of the environment!


1. Bike Parking Anchors

Bicycle anchors

2. Public bench covered with vegetation

Vegetation bench industrial design

3. Fencing that reflects the changes of each season

Near Mirror

4. Night Lighting for the Bike Path

Blue Illuminated Path Cyclist Night

5. Bench that can be rotated to the dry part, ideal for rainy days!

Rotary Wooden Bench Industrial Design

6. Smart Ideas Campaign for Seats, Stairs and Canopies

Clever Ideas Canopies

7. Bench-table where you can also rest your laptop

Public Bench Computer Table

8. Urban Hammock for Quiet Places in the City

Hammock Street Public Urban Design

9. Swings at Truck Stops

Bus Stops Design Swings

10. Up and down that replace night lighting

Up and Down Lighting Night City Design

11. Wifi & Public Cell Phone Chargers

Smartphone Public Chargers

12. Comfortable seats that stow away in the shape of a tulip

Tulips Benches

13. Plant Islands in High Pollution Areas

Sustainable Urban Planters Design

14. Multifunctional benches for all tastes

Fun Functional Skateboard Seats Design

15. Bus stop where sunny and rainy days are no longer a problem

Bus Stop Wood Design




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