30 Inventions You’ll Think Are Fake But Are REAL I need #24 now!

Have you ever gone to the movies and missed the best part of the movie by going to the bathroom? Or maybe you wanted to draw a picture and couldn’t because you didn’t have the colored pencil you needed. Or it probably took you hours to find a free spot in a huge parking lot. Can you imagine if all this had a solution?

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Believe it or not, someone else has already thought of you. Here are the 30 most amazing inventions that you probably want to exist everywhere.


1. Pen that allows you to scan the color you want to paint with it

Color Scanning Pen

2. Traffic light countdown

Traffic light with countdown

3. Power outlet with USB port

Electrical contact with USB port

4. Screens in the bathrooms of the cinema so you don’t miss a thing

Screen on the floor of the cinema bathrooms

5. Electrical outlet with built-in light

Electrical outlet with built-in light

6. Multiple plugs that allow you to rotate and lengthen

White and colored buildable multiple contact
Buildable multi-contact

7. Pizza vending machines at last!

Pizza Vending Machine

8. Key Chains You Can Track From Your Smartphone

Tiles to find objects

9. Parking lots that indicate free spaces

Parking with indicator lights

10. Stairs with slides

Stairs with slides

11. Machine that allows you to build your own 12 pack

Machine to assemble a 12 pack

12. Trash cans with basketball hoops

Trash can with basketball hoop

13. Electrical connection that peels off the wall

Electrical outlet that detaches from the wall

14. Anti-drip coffee cups

Anti-drip coffee cup

15. Buildable Bike Helmet

Buildable Bike Helmet Gif

16. Adhesive tape makes it easy to open

Easy-to-remove packing tape
Easy-to-open adhesive tape

17. Batteries that can be recharged via USB

USB rechargeable batteries

18. Hearing Aids That Won’t Get Tangled Again

Tangle-free hearing aids

19. A brush that cleans easily

Easy-to-clean brush

20. Cleaning Up Will Be Fun Now

Skateboard Cleaner

21. Pringles Lifting Device Without Getting You Dirty

Pringle Potato Lifting Device

22. Pay for your transport ticket with recyclables

Devices to recycle and pay for transport tickets

23. Drinking fountains that allow you to fill your bottle

Drinking fountain to fill water bottles

24. Solar charger for your phone

Solar Cell Phone Charger

25. Seats that swivel so they’re always clean

Swivel benches

26. Charge your cell phone through hot or cold drinks

Device that charges the cell phone with hot or cold beverages

27. Bag for your pizza

Man with a pizza bag

28. Backpack with hat

Backpack with hat included

29. Caution Signs with Fun Designs

Banana-shaped caution sign

30. Space-saving bike racks on the sidewalk

Space-saving bike parking


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