“Washing Machine for Humans” Developed by a Japanese Company

Science Co. Ltd., a company based in Osaka City, is working on a washing machine for humans. Specializing in bathroom and kitchen items, the company reportedly revealed plans to produce a washing and relaxation device for the human body. The Japanese technology corporation expects the device to go on sale in 2025.


Human Washing Machine

However, the concept of a washing machine for humans is not something new among the Japanese. In the 1970s, Sanyo Electric was looking to develop a device it called an “ultrasonic bath.” In short, it was a human washing machine capable of cleaning, massaging and drying the user in an automated cycle that lasted a quarter of an hour. Unfortunately, five decades ago the Japanese market did not look favorably on this proposal and the product never took off.

Sanyo Ultrasound Bath 1970
Sanyo Electric’s ultrasonic bath.

Usoyaro Project: washing machine for humans.

Under the name “Project Usoyaro,” Science revealed its plans for the future production of a washing machine for humans that will be integrated into its Mirable product line. They promise a complex bathing experience, with “fine bubble technology” and a variety of sensors that will feed an Artificial Intelligence built into the device.

Inside the Human Washing Machine

As if that weren’t enough, the company sees the Usoyaro Project not only as a washing machine capable of deep cleaning the user’s body, but also as providing a spa-like experience. They aim to create a “healing” space where people relax and unwind to the sound of ambient music and images on a waterproof screen installed inside the device.

The built-in AI will be responsible for producing the ideal atmosphere for each user from the data collected by the sensors. The latter will measure the state of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Yasuaki Aoyama, president of Science Co. Ltd., reveals that he has a special appreciation for the Usoyaro Project. Well, at just 10 years old, he was amazed during the presentation of Sanyo’s washing machine for humans.

The company assures that the washing machine will be functional and they promise to present it to the public at the 2025 Osaka Exposition.



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