22 Of The Most Amazing Bathrooms You Can Go To Around The World

Many people take their time in the bathroom as a time of intimacy and relaxation, of thought and reflection; Some like to read, others like to play with their cell phones and still others to make plans for the rest of the day. For many there is nothing better than this place to spend a comfortable and pleasant time.

Table of Contents

Take a look at these 22 bathrooms, built by people who let their imagination run wild, so that you can design your own; But I don’t recommend #15!


1. You won’t want to leave here

The Most Amazing Tropical Baths

2. Stop while skiing

Baths with skis and artificial snow

3. Ice bath

Ice bath

4. Steampunk Style

SteamArtWork Bathroom

5. The Abyss

Toilet on Video floor

6. The Golden Throne

Gold Toilets

7. By the sea

The most modern baths on the sea

8. A Little Futuristic

The bathroom of the future

9. Underwater

The most incredible underwater baths

10. With Koi Fish

Swimming with Koi Fish

11. The Yellow Submarine

The Most Amazing Yellow Submarine Baths

12. Dare to sit down

Skull Bath

13. Public & Polarized

Mirrored one-sided toilet on public road in London

Here’s what it looks like from the inside.

The Most Amazing Bathrooms (13)

15. Couples’ Bathroom :s

Couples' bathroom in heart shapes

16. Outdoors

Outdoor bathing

17. A Surprise Bath

Bathroom that rises and sinks in a square

18. Indoor & Outdoor Bathroom

The Most Incredible Indoor/Outdoor Bathrooms

19. Would it make you dizzy?

Bathroom decorated with skyscrapers

20. The Room of Mirrors

The most amazing bathrooms (with mirrors)

21. A bubble bath

Bubble bath

22. For Gamers

Bathroom for gamers


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