14 Millennial Tips That Will Be More Helpful Than You Think

A few years ago, when the Internet and the media did not instantly solve people’s lives, the only search engines available for consultation were books or the wise recommendations of grandparents. So people used to figure out how to test their ability to resolve, even in the simplest of life’s situations.

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Such is the case of Gallaher Ltd of Belfast & London and Ogden’s, a former international tobacco company, which became not only a distributor of cigarettes, but also an infallible adviser to solve common dilemmas in a very creative and functional way: packs with illustrations with suggestions for use.

Today, many of us couldn’t just survive without the backing of tutorials. But it doesn’t hurt to take a look from time to time at the tips that, despite the change in technology and industrial development, are still useful, effective and applicable for any circumstance.


1. Light a match when it’s windy

Match Tip

It is necessary to make some cracks in the wooden sides so that when the fire is in danger of being extinguished, the movement of the flame ignites the splinters and the match continues to burn.

2. Extract a splinter or buried glass

Illustration Ancient Advice

Fill a bowl with hot water and place the surface over the affected area. The natural cooling of the liquid will suck the skin into the container and it will be easier to remove the glass or splinter.

3. Preserve the freshness of the eggs

Illustration Ancient Advice

When eggs need to be refrigerated for a long time, it is ideal to put them in a container filled with salt. Their natural properties will keep them fresh and edible for longer.

4. Water plants if you’ll be away from home

Illustration Ancient Tip

If you’re traveling or just don’t have time to give your plants the attention they need, set out a bowl of water and tuck in a stamen that hangs down to where your pot is. To make your own purifying filter, fill a perforated bucket with layers of: fine sand, coarse sand, gravel, pebbles and pour the water you want to clean into it.

5. Pushing Away an Aggressive Dog

Illustration Ancient Advice

Placing a hat or handkerchief on the end of a stick and putting it between you and the dog will cause it to move away.

6. Slicing Fresh Bread

Illustration Ancient Tip

It is possible to cut perfect slices if we previously let the knife rest in hot water for a couple of seconds.

7. Drawing a pigeon without peeling off the pencil

Illustration Ancient Advice

You never know when knowing how to draw a pigeon without taking the pencil off the paper is going to save your life. So take note.

8. Wash Deep or Narrow-Mouth Bottles

Illustration Ancient Advice

There are places that are very difficult to reach when washing bottles or some glasses, but shaking a little sand with water inside the container will remove the dirt from the nooks and crannies, making it easier to clean and live.

9. Remove ink stains

Illustration Ancient Tip

If you unfortunately stained a garment with ink, you should immediately immerse it in milk. You’ll see how easily it comes off your clothes.

10. Identify Moisture in the Bed

Illustration Ancient Advice

If you want to know if it’s time to change your bedding, just place a mirror under your covers for a couple of minutes. If you find it a little foggy when you remove it, it’s time to clean it up.

11. Boil a cracked egg

Illustration Ancient Advice

Don’t waste that egg with a slightly damaged shell, better put it to boil in water and pour a splash of vinegar into the container.

12. Load a full jug

Illustration Ancient Tip

Something we’ve probably always done wrong is lugging around a jug full of liquid. Ideally, you should rest your finger on the inside of the container.

13. Separating Stuck Cups

Illustration Ancient Advice

It has happened to many of us, what you didn’t know is that by filling the upper glass with cold water and immersing both in hot water, they come off immediately.

14. Preserve vases

Illustration Ancient Advice

A simple method to protect your most precious vases from falling is to fill them with sand to act as a counterweight.



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