10 Microwave Hacks That Will Make You Get The Most Out

Almost daily we use the microwave just to heat things up, but you’ll be surprised that you can put it to more use and get the best out of it. That’s why at Recreo Viral, we teach you 10 tricks that you didn’t know and will save you from one or another trouble.

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1. Peel Off Seals

Jennifer Lawrence Microwave

Did you seal the envelope of the letter, but you missed something? All you have to do is moisten it with water and put the letter in the microphone for 20 seconds. The seal will peel off easily.

2. Cut onion without crying

Spongebob slicing onion

If you microwave the onion for 30 seconds at full power and then cut it, you won’t cry… Scientifically proven.

3. Disinfect sponges

Runner pulls a sponge out of his shorts

It removes bacteria from your sponges by microwaving it for several minutes at full power. The bacteria will die due to the high temperatures. Remember that you can’t insert the metal scouring pads.

4. Sterilize canning jars

GIF of Jack Sparrow

Before putting them in the microwave, remove the lid and fill it with two centimeters of water. Then put it in and let it heat for two minutes until the water boils.

5. Microwave-safe dishes

Microwave cup

A simple way is to place the container to be checked on the turntable and a glass of water next to it. Set the oven to its maximum power for one minute. If the container is suitable, it must be cold and the glass of water must be hot, if the container is hot it means that it is not suitable.

6. Clean the oven

GIF Clean Oven

Insert paper kitchen napkins, moisten them and stick them around the microphone leaving small bubbles for the air to escape. Turn on the microphone for 5 minutes, the dry ballots will have absorbed the dirt and the microwave will be as good as new.

7. Makes Soothing Understandings

Relaxation GIF

Heat a rolled-up damp towel for a minute in the microwave and place it where you need it.

8. Make your mascara last longer

Girl applying mascara

If your mask tube is still half full but already dry, microwave it next to a glass of water and heat it for 30 to 40 seconds. That’s how easy it will be liquid again.

9. To sanitize the cutting board

Cutting board

Wash the board, scrub it with a lemon and put it in the microwave, in just a minute it will be hygienic.

10. Get all the juice out of the lemon

Squeezing lemon

To get all the juice out of the lemon, insert it for 10 to 20 seconds at its maximum power, so it will easily detach from its skin and get more juice. You can do this with all citrus fruits.



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