10 Things You Didn’t Know About Red-Haired People You’ll Be Surprised!

We already talked about some fun facts about redheads, but these people are so unique and amazing that we’ve collected more reasons and curiosities that make redheads amazing people.

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Two twin girls who have red hair

1. They have more sex

Red-haired woman lying on a bed with blue sheets

According to a study conducted at the University of Hamburg, it claims that red-haired women have more sex than blonde or brunette women. Which means that if you have a red-haired woman as a partner, you will likely spend a lot more time in bed since you will have a partner with an adventurous spirit.

2. Your Bones Are Stronger

Shirtless muscular redhead man

Because they generate their own vitamin D, it helps them have stronger bones, so redheads are tougher and can live longer than other people.

3. They’re more attractive

Gif of a sensual redhead girl

According to the Encyclopedia of the Redhead, the genetic mutation that causes people to be redheads also causes them to emit far more pheromones than anyone else, which makes them irresistible.

4. They’re more sensitive

Gif of Merida, the character of the Disney movie "Valiente"

According to Psychology Today, redheads are more sensitive to both pain and pleasure. That’s why they experience deeper sensations both when it comes to making love and in creating fun.

5. Your hair is thicker

Photograph of a red-haired girl playing with her hair

Red-haired people have the luxury of having the thickest hair in the world.

6. People Can Have the Redhead Gene Without Knowing It

Photograph of six boys

Entire generations can go by without knowing that there is a red hair gene in the family, so sooner or later a child with reddish hair may be born.

7. They Were Accused of Being Witches and Vampires

Gif of a vampire girl sitting on a red armchair

During the 15th and 15th centuries, red-haired people were accused of being witches and many died at the stake. In addition, redheads were believed to turn into vampires after dying.

8. They Are Not Endangered

Face of a red-haired man during the day of the redhead

There are those who have the idea that redheads are in danger of extinction since they represent a minority in the world’s population. But the reality is that the redhead gene sticks around more often than any species in the animal world.

9. Red-Haired Slaves Were More Expensive

Slavery against warriors in the Roman Empire

In the Roman Empire, red-haired slaves were considered stronger and more expensive because of the color of their hair. That’s why many merchants dyed their prisoners red to impress the public.

10. In ancient times they were associated with evil

In England, Spain and France it is common to see a red-haired Judas

The early Christians did not accept redheads as they associated them with evil and disease. For this reason, in England, France and Spain it is very common to see images of red-haired Judas.



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