15 Sleeping Poses Every Cat Loves… but that no human will be able to imitate

Sleep is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We all love to do it, even animals, but it seems like it’s not as simple as it sounds. According to feline philosophy and practices, sleeping is an art, an ancient discipline that not everyone masters perfectly… as well as them.

Table of Contents

Shhh… Don’t make too much noise that you can wake them up.


1. Impudence at its finest…

Cat asleep in strange position

2. She got tired of folding so many clothes…

Cat asleep on clothesline

3. Of course I’m comfortable, what do you mean?

Strangely sleeping cat

4. Alas! Love…

Cats asleep in strange positions

5. Did I buy a bed for this?!

Cat asleep inside a small box

6. When you grow up, you want to be a contortionist

Sleeping kitten as a contortionist

7. I think there are more comfortable places…

Cat asleep in a giant frying pan

8. Humans know this technique: the spoon

Cats asleep together

9. Someone breaks the harmony of that photograph

Cat asleep on top of other animals

10. You feel like you need more space

Cat That Needs Two Beds To Sleep On

11. Next time I’ll look for a bigger box

Cat asleep in a box where it doesn't fit

12. Pleasure… Graphic Description

Cat Sleeping Pleasantly

13. One on top of the other, not easy to achieve

Cats asleep on top of each other

14. Another contortionist!

Contortionist Cat

15. Love of Literature… Literally!

Cat Who Loves Books




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