22 Adorable Cats with a Unique Appearance

When it comes to choosing a pet, especially when it comes to cats and dogs, many get carried away by appearance. Anything unique, from specks that resemble funny silhouettes, to the curious “socks” on the legs and other artistic excesses, plays in favor of the choice that humans make of these furry ones. Cat owners know that the bond we form with these animals goes far beyond a cute appearance. However, in this collection we present you with cats so curious and adorable that they seem designed to order.

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The cutest chubby cat on the planet. His most effective weapons are not the claws, but the heart-shaped stain that covers his muzzle and part of his nose.

Cat with heart on its face

It looks like someone left this cat in the oven longer than recommended, but those eyes are captivating.

Smoky Cat Beautiful Eyes

This peculiar tuxedo cat wears its own silhouette on its nose.

Tuxedo cat with cat silhouette

After sucking all your blood, he will drag you to the Underworld to become his slave.

Beautiful Vampire Cat

This cat’s face looks like a chessboard.

Chess Cat

On the day nature created this cat, he was lazy, and only painted his tail.

Cat Painted Tail

This cat would be a source of pride for Emiliano Zapata.

Cat with a mustache

The distribution of colors in this cat is somewhat peculiar.

Two-tone half-body cat

Cats’ eyes are usually beautiful, but heterochromia gives them a special touch.

Cat with heterocormia

This cat looks as soft as cotton candy.

Haired Cat

A little pantherite with horns. The real evil fan.

Black Horned Kitten

This cat’s eyes look like a direct portal to the flames of hell.

Cat Eyes Hell

Black head, white body, curly moustaches, yellow eyes, flat nose… what more can you ask of nature?

Scruffy Cat

The colorful pattern on this cat makes it look like she’s wearing a luxurious coat.

Cat with fur and coat

The white of the litter.

White Cat Black Ermans

This cat with the face of few friends looks like a noble descendant of the most sacred breed in the cat world.

Legendary Cat

Chimera cats are a true beauty because of their color patterns and the presence of heterochromia that gives them a mystical air.

Chimera Cat

This cat seems willing to make you a martial arts master if you overcome a challenge.

Cat Sensei

The resemblance of these cats to actor Adam Driver is undeniable.

Dried Apricot Cats

The real and arrogant English cat.

Snooty cat with English mustache

In the absence of horns, the cat demon adorns itself with the hairs of its ears.

Horned Cat

The Selkirk rex breed is characterized by a wavy coat, similar to that of French poodles. And almost all cats of this breed have unfriendly faces.

Curly Fur Cat


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