25 Packaging with Designs That Will Grab Your Attention

Marketing has taken great care to make products attractive to consumers and thus generate more sales and profits. Designers are in charge of thinking about the image that can attract the public.

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Some have masterfully achieved this and that’s why today we present you with some ingenious packaging. You’ll probably want to buy some of them.

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1. The packaging is colored according to the expiry date

Milk packaging that changes design as expiry approaches

2. When You Don’t Like Sardines But The Packaging Does

Canned sardine with fun packaging

3. Tea from Your Favorite Celebrity

Tea Packaging with Celebrity Pictures

4. Fun Egg Dispenser

Egg Packaging with Dispenser

5. Relaxing Tea & Zen

Koi Fish Shaped Tea Packaging

6. Organic Eggs

Biodegradable Egg Packaging

7. Wine Box & Aviary

Wine box that can be used as an aviary

8. Resealable chocolates

Innovative packaging of resealable chocolates

9. Condiments in Bulbs

Condiment packaging in the shape of an electric light bulb

10. Pizza box becoming projector

Pizza box that transforms into a projector

11. For Seasonal Vegetables

Umbrella Packaging for Rainy Season Vegetables

12. Chopsticks serve as a handle

Sushi box with chopsticks as a handle

13. Cookies on hand

Cookie Packaging with Easy Serving

14. There’s no excuse to exceed your portion

Box of chocolates with calorie meter

15. Floral Tea

Tea Packaging with Floating Flowers

16. No more popcorn bowls

Popcorn Packaging That Becomes Bowl

17. Chocolate for Creatives

Packaging of chocolates in the shape of paints

18. Portioned Spaghetti

Packing Spaghetti Separated into Portions

19. Just Add Hot Water

Instant soup packaging that opens with hot water

20. One-Handed Combo

Hamburger packaging made combo in one hand

21. Pork Fingers

Sausage packaging that simulates fingers

22. Extraordinary Idea for Potatoes

potato tube that turns into bowl

23. Spoon with instructions

Yogurt Packaging Cap That Becomes Spoon

24. Cream & Stirrer

Coffee creamer whose packaging is a stirrer

25. Out-of-This-World Milk

Milk packaging that simulates an abducted cow


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