15 Ideas to Add a Splash of Color to Your Room

Starting to decorate a home may seem expensive and complicated at first, but with the great ideas and tools you can find online, there’s nothing that stands between a tight budget and the reflection of your excellent taste in designing the most important spaces in a home.

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One of the corners that you can’t neglect is the living room, as it is usually the place where your visitors live the most and it is also the first thing you find when you get home. Don’t let it go unnoticed by others or rub off on boredom! No matter how poorly lit, how opaque the walls are, or how old your furniture is, you can always add life to the room with a little color in frames, cushions, or plants. Inspired!


1. The color of the wall can be the character

Colorful wall of living room

2. Illustrations That Match Your Style

Illustrated Colorful Wall of Living Room

3. Do you like pastel colors?

Colorful Room idea using pastel

4. Bring your special corner to life

Colorful Room decor

5. How about a colorful beach chair?

Colorful beach chair in Room

6. Accentuate Nuances with White Backgrounds

Colorful room with white walls

7. A Cozy Rustic Style

Rustic Style Colorful Room Idea

8. For lovers of symmetry

Symmetrical Colorful Room Idea

9. Small details that fill with light

Colorful Room Lights

10. It looks like a candy house!

Colorful Room Ideas

11. Fancy Combinations

Fancy Colorful Room

12. It doesn’t matter how crazy your ideas are

Crazy Room Idea

13. It’s your space, customize it to your liking!

Colorful Room Designs

14. When have you ever seen a room like this?

Colorful living room decor

15. Don’t limit the colors of your imagination

Custom Room Design


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