15 Ideas for an original and beautiful headboard

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to decorate your room, just by adding your personal touch to the head of your bed, your entire room will look unique.

Table of Contents

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1. Place dream catchers to ward off nightmares

Dreamcatcher headboard

2. A screen for an oriental touch

Screen headboard

3. Artistic Wood Finish

Headboard with artistic wood finish

4. Add magic to your room with a light curtain

headboard Light Curtain

5. A feminine touch to the bedroom

headboard rose curtain

6. Decoration with slats

Headboard decorated with slats

7. Simple painted wooden planks look elegant

Pink wooden plank header

8. The popsicles… Beautiful

headboard made of pallets

9. Put up a wallpaper that goes with your personality

Forest Room Wallpaper

10. Let your imagination run wild and draw a header

Drawn headboard

11. Put chalkboard paint on and change the design as many times as you want

Headboard Painting Blackboard

12. For the most elegant people

Upholstered bedside mat headboard

13. Fabrics with colorful patterns

Headboard of fabrics with colorful patterns

14. Or with unique textiles

Textile headboard

15. Perfect for the Old Soul

Headboard Vintaje



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