13 Places Every Book Lover Will Want to Have

Few people understand the pleasure of opening a book, smelling its scent, and getting lost in its pages until you forget the outside world.

Table of Contents

Almost all book lovers dream of having a special, intimate, and comfortable place to isolate themselves and spend hours reading, and these are the perfect examples.


1. A daybed surrounded by shelves

Daybed surrounded by shelves

2. A small reading nook in the heights

Child reading a book in his bedroom in a high corner

3. A miniature bookcase so that no one can fit but you

Miniature Bookcase Cube

4. A closet space turned into a reading nook

Bookcase in closet space

5. A shelf under the stairs with a comfortable armchair

Bookshelf under the stairs

6. Windowside, perfect for rainy days

bookshelves framing a window and girl holding a book

7. A Strong Fact of Books

Girl inside a fort made of books

8. Simple: An armchair and your books, you don’t need more

bookshelves behind a gray armchair

9. Every Lover’s Dream: Sleeping Among Books

Bookshelf next to a bed

10. For those with the soul of a child: a private library with swings

Swing chairs in private library

11. At the head of your bed for sweet dreams

Bookshelf at the head of a bed

12. Relax in a hammock while enjoying reading

Personal bookcase with hammocks

13. For the Extreme Readers: A Bathroom with Bookshelves!

Bathtub with bookshelves


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