18 Amazing Bookcases That Will Make Every Book Lover Drol

Do you have too many books and don’t know where to keep them? Do you own a magnificent collection that deserves to be displayed as the treasure it represents? These are the worries that haunt every book-addict.

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Worry no more! we has for you a list of 18 incredibly creative bookcases. which also have the same effect as pleasure for book lovers.

1. Who says nerds don’t exercise?

Wheel Bookcase

2. Yes, skateboarders read too

Skateboard Bookcase

3. This works like magic

Inverted bookcase

4. I’m sure you’ve always wanted your secret passageway

Pasadiso bookcase

5. And for music lovers…

Guitar used as a bookcase

6. A bookcase in the shape of your country, how patriotic!

North American Shaped Bookcase

7. Relax and sit back while enjoying your book

Bookcase Chair

8. If you run out of space, take the stairs!

Ladder bookcase

9. Dreaming about your favorite book takes on a new meaning

Bookcase in the form of a cloud

10. Ideal for adding a touch of magic to your room

Floating Books

11. A bookcase emerging from the wall… Strange, isn’t it?

bookcase sticking out of the wall

12. You don’t have to be a straight, boring bookseller

Deformed bookcase

13. Very practical if your house is very small

Bookcase on the wall

14. Bookshelf made of books… do you get the irony?

Bookcase made of books

15. Any Reader’s Secret Desire

Bookcase on the ceiling

16. For All Minimalists

Minimalist Cube Bookcase

17. What about gamers? You’ll love this bookcase

Gamer Bookseller

18. The most bizarre I’ve ever seen

Bookcase lined with stuffed animal


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