You’ll never wash your jeans again after this

If you’re not a big fan of doing laundry, you’ll find it great news to know that you don’t need to sanitize jeans as often. And this is not an empirical claim, it is an assertion backed by science: Josh Le, a student at the University of Alberta, in Canada, in collaboration with teachers carried out a study of textile fabric to verify the effects of 15 months of use of this particular garment without putting it in the washing machine.


Jeans on the clothesline

There’s even a time-lapse video that shows the evolution of jeans over time:

15 months with the same pants.

Josh wore these jeans in a multitude of climates: from freezing Canada to hot California. When he spilled food on his jeans, he would simply wipe the debris with paper towels. And when the garment started to smell bad, I folded it up to put it in a plastic bag and left it overnight in the freezer. Under no circumstances did he wash the learning throughout the 15 months that the experiment lasted.

After the time had passed, with the help of a teacher, he measured the amount of bacteria present in the jeans, and then threw the garment directly into the washing machine. She wore the garment again for another 13 days and repeated the measurement of the amount of bacteria.

The conclusion is impressive, to say the least: when it comes to the amount of bacteria present in the tissue, there is not much difference between 15 months and 13 days of use.

Levi Strauss, one of the most popular jeans manufacturers (and the brand Josh used for the experiment), recommends not washing your jeans more than once a month to avoid wasting water. Chip Bergh, the company’s CEO, stated during a Brainstorm Green conference in May 2014 that the production of jeans consumes too much water, with half of the cost of this resource happening during the manufacture of the garment and the other half in the homes of its customers.

Now you can freeze your “dirty” pants with a clear conscience.



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