Interactive cloud-shaped lamp plays music and simulates storms

Have you ever imagined owning a particular cloud in your own living room? I think that all of us in childhood were amazed by the endless and immense shapes of the clouds that adorn the skies, and not to mention when we met the Magic Cloud of Dragon Ball, we all wanted one.

Interactive Cloud-shaped lamp music

You probably never thought it would be possible to have a personal cloud, but that’s exactly what Cloud is all about, an incredible interactive cloud, which can simulate lightning and lightning as many times as you want.

In addition to working with luminaires that offer a variety of colors, the Cloud is also capable of playing music from other devices via Bluetooth, or interacting with the environment, the latter thanks to its strategically installed motion sensors and microphones. The project, based on the Arduino platform, is particularly interesting because it imitates storms to the rhythm of the movement of the hands, as well as working as a beautiful decorative object.

Cloud Interactive Cloud 2

To simulate lightning and play music, this one features speakers hidden among the synthetic fibers that look like cotton (the colorful LED lights responsible for the visual effects are hidden there as well). Motion sensors detect when someone is nearby and simulate rather sinister lightning strikes.

Check out the video to see how Cloud works:

The ugly part? Well, it costs approximately $43,000 Mexican pesos, and don’t worry too much about shipping, which is free.



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