How to Retrieve Your Facebook Profile/Page ID

There is no direct way to get your Facebook profile/page ID from within Facebook UI. However, you can retrieve it by an easy way in just few seconds. Though there is no direct way to get the Facebook page ID but, there are three indirect methods to retrieve your numeric Facebook ID.


1.   This is the easiest way to get your Facebook profile/page ID in just 5 seconds using “”.

Type the URL in the address bar of your browser. Remember to replace “ZDWired” with your username.

As you hit enter you will be provided your Facebook profile/page ID like in the image below.

Facebook page ID

Sometimes you may be prompted to save the file instead of displaying ID on screen in your browser depending on the internet browser you use. In this case save that file to your PC and change file extension to .txt and open it in notepad and get you profile/page ID. If you are using Firefox or Chrome, then there’s no problem.


Facebook page ID_3

2.   In this method you need to sign in into your Facebook account. Click on Edit Page > Edit Settings. On this page look at the URL in the browser’s address bar, there you’ll find your page ID.

Facebook page ID_41



3.   Third method is bit similar to 2nd method. In this you either have to right click on your profile picture and then check properties. There you’ll get the ID in the picture’s URL or just click on the profile picture to view in the browser and you can get your profile/page ID easily from browser’s address bar URL.

Facebook page ID_5

So, that’s all about to get Facebook profile/page numeric ID. Now you can use your Facebook profile/page ID wherever you want to use.

Screenshot: by Gurmeet



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