Xiaomi launches a portable projector shaped like a smartphone to use wherever you feel like it

This is the Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro

Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro
Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro XIAOMI

Xiaomi boasts a catalog of products that is beyond doubt and that does not stop growing. A few days ago we told you about their new handheld vacuum cleaner with laser light to hunt down every last speck of dust. And now it’s the turn of its new portable projector: it fits in your pocket and projects you a screen of up to 100 inches wherever you feel like it.

Under the name of Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro, this is a portable projector that was born as a result of a collaboration between Xiaomi and Aimer to launch this product that will not disappoint you at all. More, if we take into account that it costs 899 yuan, about 115 euros at the exchange rate.

As usual, Xiaomi has taken advantage of its crowdfunding platform to announce this new portable projector that is sweeping sales. To the point that it has appeared today on Youpin and has already achieved 97% of the goal at the time of writing.

Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro, a portable projector at a laughable price

To begin with, aesthetically speaking, we find a portable projector that boasts a very restrained size, as it is a little smaller than an average smartphone. With dimensions of 92x58x10 mm and a weight of 136 grams, you can take it wherever you want.

Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro 2
Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro XIAOMI

You will see that it has a touch screen on the front to be able to control every last detail, as well as an LPD lamp that reaches 1500 ANSI lumens, something surprising in such a small product.

There is also automatic keystone correction and a self-calibration system that will allow you to use the Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro in the most comfortable way. All you have to do is point where you want to enjoy all kinds of content

In addition, its dual stereo speaker system will allow you to enjoy any movie or series without needing additional equipment. Although the sound will always improve if you use external equipment, such as a bar or speakers.

Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro 3
Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro XIAOMI

It also has all kinds of connectivity options (2 x HDMI, 2 x USB, 1 x audio output, 1 x AV) so you can connect any equipment, such as a laptop, and project the screen. There’s also Bluetooth for pairing sound devices and dual-band WiFi.

The ability to project an image is surprising, as the Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro is capable of reproducing an image from 40 to 100 inches, at a distance of 1.6 to 3.9 meters.

The most interesting part? The Xiaomi Aimer Q1 Pro arrives with Android-based MIUI TV, so you’ll be able to enjoy Chromecast to send all kinds of content from a mobile and other compatible devices. And at the touch of a button, you can connect your laptop to this projector.

A projector that has an Amlogic T972-H processor, in addition to 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage and that at the moment arrives in China at a price of 899 yuan, about $125 at the exchange rate. Let’s hope it makes it to China, because it’s a very good-looking product.



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