6 Terrible consequences of climate change

Studies and scientific evidence have made it abundantly clear, despite the fact that some rulers refuse to accept it: climate change is a devastating reality that threatens our very existence. These are some of the consequences it will bring with it in the near future.

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1. More Violent Hurricanes


It makes extreme rainfall and thunderstorms more common and hurricanes more destructive. Global warming causes increased rainfall and rising sea levels, which has a negative impact on coastal areas.

2. 6-month summers in the Mediterranean

Child in the summer

Due to greenhouse gases caused by human activity, the seasons of the year will suffer serious alterations. It is predicted that by the middle of this century the summer will be 25 percent longer and by the end of the century it will increase to 49 percent.

3. Long droughts


Precipitation will be reduced and water evaporation will increase; As a consequence, there will be long droughts in many areas of the planet, which in turn will lead to crop failure, an increase in the number of forest fires, the prevalence of diseases and an increase in water demand of more than 50 percent during the first half of this century.

Do not think that this is a distant reality, the crisis is already here; At this very moment, more than 800 million people lack access to safe drinking water.

4. Devastating Fires

forest fire

Because of the drought, the number of fires will multiply and it will be more difficult to put them out. Thousands of hectares of green areas will be deforested and thousands of animals will die.

5. Heatwave mortality will increase

Thermometer in the city

But forests and animals will not be the only ones affected by the increase in heat: we too will suffer the consequences. In the tropical and subtropical areas of the planet, the temperature will increase so much that thousands of people will die or live in deplorable conditions, not only because of the heat but also because of the lack of water.

6. Mass migrations

Migration of people

Droughts, hurricanes, cyclones, floods, and extreme weather events will cause people to move away from their home countries in search of less inhospitable places to live. There are currently 143 million climate migrants moving within their own countries, mainly from Africa, South Asia and Latin America.

There is still time to reduce the impact of climate change if we improve our lifestyle and consumption patterns, preferring biodegradable products, avoiding disposables and using environmentally friendly transport, such as bicycles or our own legs.



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