5 Activities Your Parents and Grandparents Did Differently From You

We have become so accustomed to the galloping advancement of technology in certain areas that some products were very useful to us just a decade ago, today they are completely off the market and sold more as collector’s items and heirlooms. However, even those most basic inventions that seem to have been there all along had primitive versions that our parents and grandparents used in different ways.

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Playing At Recess

1 – Store information.

Nowadays, it is quite common to download an entire television series, with all the episodes and extras, to transfer it to a pen drive or hard drive and watch it later on television, and still have a huge amount of gigabytes available to store all kinds of things.

In the past, the amount of data that could be stored was much smaller, and this was done using punch cards or magnetic tapes.

Storing Information Today vs Past

2 – Watch a movie in the cinema.

Nowadays, film productions crammed with special effects dominate releases. However, cinema wasn’t always like this: although the format is already very old, films from decades past used to prioritize stories over technique.

What’s more, those first short films were shot in sequence and without cuts. Editing in films did not come until a few years after the birth of cinema.

Cinema & Movies

3 – Go to the beach.

Nowadays, both men and women have a variety of swimsuits available in various models and sizes – some even seem invisible – to go and enjoy the beach. The first swimsuit models appeared in the eighteenth century and were basically dressed with ruffles, pants underneath and even a hat.

It would not be until the 1940s when the first bikinis would appear that, as they derived from traditional swimsuits, their pieces still covered a large part of the body. With the passage of time, the models lost fabric and gained new configurations.


4 – Iron your clothes.

The idea of removing wrinkles from clothing appeared in Ancient Greece, a time when people used hot iron bars to do so. The first models of the plates that we know today appeared in the eighteenth century, they were built with molten metal and had a compartment where incandescent embers were placed, which could weigh up to 5 kilograms.

People could also heat these griddles in the wood-fired oven. At present, irons are considered modern appliances that implement various functions such as steam ironing, dry ironing, etc.

Evolution of plates

5 – Walk a baby.

The arrival of a baby to a family is considered a happy event and usually the little one usually receives all kinds of cuddles from the parents. In the past the attitude was not much different, and babies were so spoiled that the first models of strollers, which emerged in the United Kingdom during the eighteenth century, were inspired by the carriages of the time.

Today, strollers are much more evolved vehicles that offer maximum comfort to both babies and their parents.