Harry Potter Style Invisibility Cloak That Actually Makes Objects Invisible

If you would like to be stealth and want to have fun with your friends or want to do something amazing that you’ve dreamed of or catch on the people whom you think cheated on you then all this will come true using the Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak that lets you be invisible by just cloaking on yourself.


You already be witnessed invisibility cloak in Science-Fiction movies where characters vanished just by cloaking him/herself. Well Science-Fiction, technology innovations & inventions are correlated with each other. Some times Sci-Fis are influenced by innovations and inventions comes reality from Sci-Fis. And invisibility cloak is an innovative technology the lets anything to hide out of vision.

It is just like Harry Potter movie-style cloak in reality which make you invisible just like you saw in the movie. First invisibility cloak was introduced in 2006 and till now new models of invisibility cloak has designed and waiting for the date it will be available to public, but technology is already used for military purposes.

But not too far from your reach, you will soon be able to prank your friends using invisibility cloak and it is expected to be available to public by the end of 2014. Its an invention lets you feel like a ruler in the stealth world.


How Invisibility Cloak Works?

Metamaterial bending microwaves 1

Its the metamaterials (embedded material which has special properties which does not exist in natural form) make invisibility cloak a reality. Metamaterials are capable of bending the electromagnetic waves on to the object or the person on which it is cloaked and make it impossible to see with the naked eyes. Even radar system can not detect the objects under Invisibility Cloak.

It seems magical but it completely rely on physics which make this a virtual reality. Though it is not so perfect but it is capable of making you undiscovered by anyone looking casually even if you‘re standing in front of a person.

And one great thing about the Invisibility Cloak is that our radar system technology is unable to detect objects cloaked by invisibility cloak. Such great capabilities make invisibility cloak a more interesting researched project which cache attention of scientists around the world.


Invisibility Cloak – A Virtual Reality

All the invisibility cloaks developed in the last years works in limited range of frequencies which make them imperfect for all wavelengths. Invisibility cloak could actually hide things from microwaves and at other frequencies it make the objects more visible with the dark blue spectrum. Below image shows the invisibility using a quantum stealth technology.

qantum stealth invisibility

Another thing is the white light which is still not possible to block or bend around by invisibility cloak metamaterials and the truth is that complete invisibility is impossible concluded from the current scientific studies.

Well scientists have developed a new invisibility cloak at University of Texas, Austin which is thin, light and works in broad frequencies but not all. It make objects more visible in white light which contain all colours and provide near to perfect invisibility in red light and provide great solutions for next level invisibility cloaks. Japanese Researchers have developed invisibility cloak on different concept which project the background image at the front of objects using a special kind of fabric which works like displays.

Its an innovative technology that can be utilised for other great inventions and already being used for the military purposes.



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    1. The concept of a Harry Potter-style invisibility cloak is fascinating! This article delves into the science and technology behind real-world attempts to create such cloaks. While we’re not quite at the magical level yet, advancements in materials and optics are bringing us closer to achieving this imaginative idea. It’s exciting to see how science fiction can inspire and drive innovation in the real world.