Edit PDFs and Delete Changes to PDFs with One Click using Firefox

Firefox is one of the few browsers that lets you edit PDFs as well as view them – providing options to add text, insert images and draw on documents in different-colored pens. It makes it easier to delete elements you’ve added to PDFs, before you save the result.

Editing PDF Using Firefox

Previously, you either needed to press Ctrl+Z to undo a change or select the text box, image or doodle and press the Delete key on your keyboard. Now, you can simply click an element, so a border appears around it, then click the floating Remove (bin) button to delete it (see screenshot above). To undo an accidental deletion, press Ctrl+Z.

To use the editing options in Firefox, open a PDF in the browser by dragging the file into the main window. Click the Text, Draw, or ‘Add or edit an image’ buttons in the top-right corner of the PDF viewer to insert the desired element.

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