10 Famous TV Series That Broke Records in Production Expenses

When we enjoy our favorite series, we never stop to think about all the money it took to make those episodes possible and please an increasingly demanding audience in what they watch.

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But in case you had the earring, the doubt or just out of curiosity, we will tell you which are the series that have spent the most money on their production. I bet you never imagined that behind those seasons, a large amount of greenbacks was hidden.

1. ER – Emergency Room

Budget: $312 million in season four

Emergency Room

For more than 15 years, this series took hold of the feelings of its audience, which led them to position themselves among the best in their genre. It is said that the first five seasons, each episode cost the amount of $15 million each, of which a large portion of that money went to its big star George Clooney.

2. Friends

Budget: $180 million in season 10


To show the lives of six young friends, the producers of this series had to make 10 seasons, where, in addition to satisfying the eccentric needs of the characters within each episode, they had to pay each actor the modest amount of one million dollars for each episode.

3. Marco Polo

Budget: $180 million

Marco Polo

The historical series about the life of the great traveler Marco Polo turned out to be quite expensive for its producers. And despite the fact that a large amount of money was spent on its preparation, only the first season, of two existing ones, has been liked by the public, because for the second installment of the episodes, the budget for each episode dropped, generating the displeasure of its fans.

4. The Crown

Budget: $156 million

The Crown

The British series that tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, only in its first season, reached a really high production cost, derived from its spectacular landscapes and of course, the costumes and accessories used in the recreation of the era in which the story takes place.

5. Band of brothers

Budget: $125 million

Band of brothers

In 2001, a miniseries produced by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks based on World War II hit the screen, with true plots. Weapons, props, actors, costumes and scenery made the production expense very high.

6. The Get Down

Budget: $120 million

the get down

The series set in the 70s that shows the lives of several teenagers, has spent the amount of 120 million dollars in its elaboration, because recreating the perfect scenarios according to this era, was not easy and it took a large specialized team to achieve it and thus, give each chapter the level of realism it needed.

7. Rome

Budget: $110 million


The high cost in the production budget was the ruin of this series, because due to the large amount of money that helped to get everything necessary for the era to be set in its entirety, they made the expenses rise, to such a degree that they did not want to make a third season.

8. Sense8

Budget: $108 million in the first season


From the U.S. to Kenya, the series had to be filmed virtually everywhere in the world, which obviously caused production costs to rise surprisingly. And although the second season has already been released, the exact equivalent figure of this second part has not yet been collected, but it is believed that it could even be higher than the first.

9. Game of Thrones

Budget: $100 million in season six

Game of Thrones

With each of the seasons of this bloody and thrilling series, many millions of dollars have been spent, but in its sixth season, the cost of production exceeded the limits. It is worth mentioning that its well-decorated scenery, costumes, armor and dragons, are the main elements in which most of the resource is used, all this so that viewers can enjoy the dispute between the different kingdoms to reach the Iron Throne.

10. Boardwalk Empire

Budget: $45 million in season five

Boardwalk Empire

Under the direction of Martin Scorsese, this series recreated the wooden boardwalk of Atlantic City in 1920, involving cars, costumes, and weapons that gave spirit and realism to that era. Therefore, paying for the production required large investments.



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