Get Custom URL for Facebook Fan Page

Facebook requires you to have at least 25 fans to set up custom URL for your Facebook fan page. But now you no longer need 25 fans to get custom URL for your Facebook fan page. Before, you needed a tons of fans to create custom URL for your Facebook fan page, but later on it had dropped to lower and you just needed 25 fans to be able to get custom URL.

But now these requirements are gone. Now you can get custom URL as soon as you sign up for fan page, even at zero fans. you also have an option to change it once after you set it first time.

Here’s how you can setup you Facebook fan page custom URL :

I assumed that you already signup for Facebook fan page, so I move on the steps to set up custom URL.

First you have to go at you are asked to sign in to you Facebook account. It may also ask you to verify your account , just click on verify via mobile phone. A popup window will appear, enter your mobile number and click continue.

verify account


confirm your account


In the next step you have to select the page for which you want custom URL. As you select the page name a box will appear as shown in the image below. Enter your USERNAME in the field and check availability.

check availability

Remember that you can change it once after you set it first time. If the USERNAME you enter is available then a confirmation window will popup with several indications about your new USERNAME.


If you are sure that everything is OK, Click on confirm and custom URL for your fan page is setup and ready.

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