How to Login Multiple Accounts Simultaneously on Same Website

If you ever tried to login more than one account at a time on same website (say Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.), you would be redirected to already logged-in account. It’s usual because multiple login is not supported by web browsers because of cookies, cached and other temporary files stored in the browsers database on the HDD which prevents you login to another account until you logged-out of first account and then login to another one.

However, it doesn’t mean you can not login to multiple accounts at a time on the same website from a single computer. Of course you can login to multiple accounts and there are number of ways to login multiple account at once. Lets have a look at different ways of multiple login at once.


Using Different Browsers

You can use different browsers to login multiple accounts at once. If you have installed more than one web browser on your computer then you can easily login to multiple accounts on same website by using separate browser for each account login. Say, if you have logged in to one account in Firefox then you can use Chrome for another account on the same website. This is the easiest method you can use to login multiple accounts.


Using Private Browsing or Incognito Mode

This method some what useful when you want to login multiple accounts on same web browser and you have installed only one web browser. All web browsers support private browsing or incognito mode in which you can browse in private, where your browser doesn’t save cookies, cache files or history of your browsing session. So, You can utilize incognito mode to login multiple accounts.

However, this method limits you to login only two accounts at once on same website, one in the normal browsing mode and one in incognito mode. If you tried to login third account in second incognito window, you’ll be redirected to already logged in account in first incognito window.

Here are the shortcuts to start private browsing or incognito mode in different browsers:

Chrome Incognito mode : Ctrl+Shift+N

Firefox Private window : Ctrl+Shift+P

Internet explorer InPrivate Browsing : Ctrl+Shift+P

You can find more on private browsing here.


By Creating Different Profiles on Same Browser

This method also allows you to login multiple accounts on same web browser. However, this method is a bit tricky. Here you need to create multiple profiles on same browser which has their own cookies, cache or temp files and does not sync with each other. Each browser has their own way of creating profiles. So lets have a look on creating profiles on different browsers.

Chrome : Inside Google Chrome browser go to user from Options menu and there you can add new users and use each one as a new session for logging in to multiple accounts. You can switch between the accounts from the top user icon and select the user profile from users list.

Firefox : For Firefox, in Windows Start menu search box copy and paste,

C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -profilemanager

and hit Enter or open CMD prompt and paste same phrase and hit Enter. Change Program Files directory if it is different on you computer. As you hit Enter, Firefox Profile manager window will pop-up. There you need to create a new profile with a unique name. Create any number of profiles you need and each profile functions as a new browsing session. Next time when you start Firefox, it’ll ask you which profile to start Firefox with. Select different profiles for different account logins.

You can also create shortcuts for different Firefox profiles. Create a Firefox desktop shortcut, right click on it and select Properties and replace the target with,

“C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” –P Profilename

Change Program Files directory if it is different. Change the Profilename with name of profile you have created. Now you can use these shortcuts to start each Firefox profile separately.

Internet Explorer : It’s too easy in Internet explorer, just start a new session every time you want to login multiple accounts. Go to File menu (if not visible, press Alt button from keyboard) and select New session and Internet explorer open up a new session window with separate cookies and temp files which you can use to login another account.



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