Microsoft unveiled a new Xbox controller dedicated to accessibility, and it’s one of the most spectacular things I’ve ever seen

new Xbox proteus controller

Microsoft’s unveiling of a new Xbox controller isn’t something that should come as much of a surprise. It is quite common for the Redmond company to announce a new model that will join its catalog of controllers, betting on different designs for collectors of this type of device. What is odd, however, is that the company is announcing a new controller dedicated to accessibility, especially considering that the Xbox Adaptive Controller is a fantastic piece of engineering.

The Redmond team has announced (via Xbox Wire) a collaboration with its partners at ByoWave, and has announced that, as part of World Accessibility Awareness Day, they have worked closely to bring a new Xbox controller dedicated precisely to all those disabled gamers, with a modular design, which will not only allow players to configure the experience to their liking, but on top of that, it has a truly spectacular finish.

new Xbox controller
Microsoft new Xbox controller dedicated to accessibility
Microsoft new Xbox controller
new Xbox controller accessibility

The “Proteus Controller” is Xbox’s new controller dedicated to accessibility

The name of this new controller is Proteus Controller, and the ByoWave website talks in detail about everything that can be achieved with it. The company mentions that “more than 100 million traditional and custom configurations, as well as LED lighting variations” can be built. Of course, the device will not be cheap at all, as its recommended retail price is $299, although it can currently be had with a 15% discount, which would leave it at $255.

“The unique modular game controller kit features innovative snap-and-play parts that easily connect to each other and comes with everything gamers need to play their favorite Xbox and PC games right out of the box.”

As for what’s included in the device, the official website details the following: “Power Cube x 2, Charge Spacer x 1, Analog Cube 1 x Left 1 x Right, Half Cube x 1, Edge Spacer x 2, Xbox Peripheral x 1, Dpad Peripheral x 1, Trigger Peripheral 1 x Left 1 x Right, One Button Peripheral x 2, Mini Analog Stick x 1, Socker Cover x 9, Plug Cover x 1, Plug Mount Cover x 1”.

Of course, this is a completely different controller to what we have seen from any company to date, and it will be a great step for all those disabled players, since they will be able to configure the design of it based on their needs without having to purchase anything else.




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