This Android tablet has the “e-Ink” display with the highest refresh rate ever: it promises to change everything

The Daylight DC-1 is proving to be a success: the first editions of the tablet have already sold out

Android tablet with e-Ink display
The Daylyght DC-1 tablet has a LivePaper display with a refresh rate similar to that of a conventional LCD display

Although years have passed since its appearance, the e-ink technology applied to screens still has the same problem as in its beginnings: the refresh rate. Most screens of this type are only able to refresh a few times per second, causing the user experience to be less seamless than in the case of a conventional LCD panel.

Now, an unknown company called Daylight promises to put an end to that problem. And it wants to demonstrate this with its first product, the Daylight DC-1, an Android-based tablet that equips a “LivePaper” screen, which simulates the operation of electronic ink panels, but is capable of reaching refresh rates above 60 hertz to offer a much smoother experience, comparable to that of a conventional tablet. And best of all, it’s already on sale.

This is the Daylight DC-1 tablet with LivePaper display

The DC-1 has a minimalist design, without too much fanfare when it comes to aesthetics. Its front is occupied by a 10.5-inch monochrome screen with a resolution of 1600 x 1200 pixels, and surrounded by slightly wider margins than usual, which should offer a more comfortable grip without fear of touching the touch part of the panel by accident. A solution that we have already seen in other Android tablets of this type, such as the BOOX Note Air 3C.

The display in question employs LivePaper technology, which offers all the benefits of e-ink panels, including full outdoor readability without the need for backlighting and better glare control. In addition, it has a matte texture and backlighting with warm light.

The Daylight DC-1 with touch sampling rate comparable to conventional LCD screens
The Daylight DC-1’s touchscreen has a touch sampling rate comparable to conventional LCD screens

What’s really striking is the panel’s refresh rate, capable of exceeding 60 hertz to make the user experience as smooth as on an LCD screen. The touch sampling rate has also been increased over conventional e-ink displays, so that the response time of the panel is greatly reduced.

The panel is also compatible with a stylus included in the box, which uses Wacom technology. Otherwise, the tablet has a MediaTek Helio G99 processor, 8 GB of RAM with 128 GB of internal storage expandable via microSD and an 8000 mAh battery capacity, which should guarantee several days of autonomy on a single charge.

The panel is compatible with the stylus included in the box with the tablet
The panel is compatible with the stylus included in the box with the tablet

Its operating system is Sol:OS, a new software customized by the brand and based on Android 13. The brand explains that it has designed the operating system with the goal of eliminating distracting elements, while ensuring freedom and flexibility. In that sense, it is possible to download and install popular apps, despite the fact that the device is not GMS certified, and therefore, does not include Google services and applications pre-installed.

The Daylight DC-1 tablet is now on sale through the brand’s official online store, where it can be purchased at a price of $729. Seeing as it didn’t take too long for the first editions of the tablet to sell out, everything seems to indicate that this is one of the most eye-catching products we’ve seen this year. And, to the surprise of many, the brand has achieved this without the need to refer to the acronym “AI” even once.



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