If you’re interested in programming in LlaMA 2 and 3, Meta offers this free course to learn the basics

With this course, you will be able to learn the fundamentals of the LlaMA 2 AI model, and the newly updated LlaMA 3

Meta offers this free course programming in LlaMA 2 and 3 to learn the basics
LlaMA was designed by Meta as an open-source AI with programming-focused foundations

Many times, one of the main barriers to learning programming lies in the variety of programming languages and models that exist, even more so if it is Artificial Intelligence. LlaMA 2 and LlaMA 3, for example, are currently used in the Meta ecosystem, and that is why Meta, the parent company of large social networks such as Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, offers free courses for anyone who wants to master the basics of this AI-based programming language model.

LlaMa Language

As we have explained above, LlaMA is an AI-based language model devised by Meta for use within its ecosystem. It has evolved a lot in the last year, as can be seen considering that LlaMA 3, the most modern version of this model, was presented last April. And, so that those interested can learn its basics, Meta offers a free online courseon the Deeplearning AI page.

As for the content of the course itself, aspects such as learning how to use this tool in day-to-day matters are mentioned. You will also be taught how to perform more advanced commands, with the aim of enabling these commands to solve simple problems. In addition, it will also explain how to use this system in a safe and non-harmful way, in order to make safe use of this AI.

Meta is behind several of todays most popular social networks
Meta is behind several of today’s most popular social networks

AI’s Deep Dent in Technology

There is no doubt that Artificial Intelligence is carrying out very profound changes in the workplace and in the technology sector. Without going any further, there are many companies that in recent weeks have made major announcements that will have a great impact in the short and medium term. An example of this is Microsoft’s Recall feature, which will keep an eye on everything you do on screen, or the multiple uses of Gemini, Google’s AI, that were revealed at the company’s recent I/O.

However, before the profound changes, other opportunities are also opening up, and one of them is in the development of systems based on Artificial Intelligence, where the demand for employment is growing exponentially. Therefore, if you are in the world of programming, courses like Meta’s are attractive opportunities to enter a segment whose growth has not yet peaked.



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