An Orangutan’s Ten Years of Smoking

You have seen only people addicted to smoking until now, because animals also got addicted to smoking and an orangutan at a zoo in Java, Indonesia puff cigarettes like humans from about last 10 years. That’s somewhat funny and weird how an animal could be addicted to cigarette smoking. But it is true.

Orangutan smoking cigarette

This orangutan named Tori smoke cigarette from about last ten years and smoking has no side-effects on her health reported after examined by doctors. It’s about a decade she started smoking when visitor’s started throwing lit cigarettes into her cage and Tori started observing people puffing away and mimicked everything she observed. Thereafter she begged visitors for cigarette and become addicted to it.

Orangutan smoking cigarette 2

Tori is not alone in apes, there are other such apes who smoke cigarette. But, this orangutan becomes world famous and catch people’s attention because of the too long smoking period of about ten years, that’s too without any side effects. Whereas smoking cigarette could cause lung cancer, heart attack and other side effects on health.

But after a long time in smoking, Tori quit smoking cigarette when she moved to an island away from the people where she gave birth to a baby ape and enjoying smoke free life with her baby ape. It seems she took responsibility of her new born baby and enjoying smoke free life.

Apes like chimpanzees and orangutans shares about 97% of humans DNA and they are smarter than other animals. They start mimicking people just by observing what they are doing and recent studies shows that orangutans can remember their past and recall it like humans do. They are the close relatives of humans and smart mimics too.



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