How to Track GPS Enabled Cell Phone for Free

GPS tracking in cell phones

GPS, a Global Positioning System that make it possible to get the real time location of someone  across the Globe. It make use of satellites to get the physical location on Global map. With the day by day improving communication technologies GPS is now in everyone’s hand embedded into smartphones using a GPS chip that make everyone so close as anyone can get the real time location of each other.

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If you want to track someone then you easily track by just using a smartphone. You have to install a GPS software in the cell phone to start tracking in real time and get the location of someone turn by turn on Google map.


GPS tracking in cell phones_31.  First of all you need to have a GPS enabled smartphone. Now install a GPS application on to it. You can choose the application from mapquest, rapidtracker, Glympse, RealTimeTracker. When you get the right app, install in on your device.

2.  You have to create an account for the GPS services. You may provide a username, password and email id and in some services you don’t need to create any account like ‘Glimpse’, In this case just install the application and start to track.

3.(a)  Now with a web enabled device you can track the cell phone by just following the link provided in the email sent by the GPS service you have signed up and start tracking the cell phone.

(b)  You can also track using the application installed in you another phone. Benefit on using application is that you get the notifications of tracking device like how far it is from you, messages posted by tracked device and notify you when device comes in a specified area near you.

These applications are also useful if you are on a trip with a group of people and need to get the location of each other on a map. This way you will never lost in a trip because you know the real time location of you group members.

Some services also provides the history of your travel trip and can save it for later, which helps you to get back on the lost trails in you journey.

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