35 Truths No One Wants to Hear

The last thing anyone wants to hear are truths that break that bubble of optimism that “protects” us from the cruelty inherent in life. However, sometimes it becomes necessary to take the bull by the horns and face reality as it is. Today, just on Monday, you have a list of 35 truths that hurt like thorns and most don’t want to hear or read. Small reflections from the r/AskReddit community


Pessimist Schopenhauer

“Time doesn’t heal wounds, you only create scars.”

“Oxytocin, colloquially known as the ‘love hormone,’ also increases hostility toward those you consider ‘the rest.'”

“Not all babies are cute.”

“Things won’t be right unless you get them right. Often, people say, ‘Everything will be fine.’ Well, it probably will if you really put in the effort to change things. Sometimes, that means letting go of things you think are important.”

Man sleeping on a bench

“You’re much closer to extreme poverty and homelessness than you are to becoming super-rich.”

“Some people just won’t like you. And it’s not for anything you did to deserve it, cause it, or justify it. It’s not even your fault.”

“Bad people don’t always get their comeuppance.”

“Your belly button was once your mouth.”

A baby's belly button

“‘I don’t know’ is a completely valid answer to a lot of questions.”

“Staying by the side of a person who was unfaithful to you is never a good idea.”

“Eventually we will be left alone, so we can learn to be comfortable with ourselves or let loneliness torment us in the twilight of our lives.”

“You can do everything perfectly and still lose. It’s not about unwillingness or weakness, that’s life.”

Meme Couple Man Watching Another

“Your boyfriend/husband will always find other women attractive.”

“Some people just aren’t good at parenting.”

“Just because you’re smart or funny doesn’t make you fit to take care of a human being (or several) for a good part of your life.”

“Never use children as justification for fixing or maintaining a relationship. Experience says this almost never works.”


“You need to stop procrastinating and finish what needs to be done.”

“You won’t have beauty and youth forever.”

“Most people don’t even care about your opinion. And it’s something you shouldn’t worry about.”

“The odds that you’ll die in the next 24 hours are much higher than the odds that you’ll win the lottery.”

The Bony One

“If you find yourself in the need to pursue a romance or friendship… The other person doesn’t want to be with you.”

“Most people shouldn’t have children.”

“Right now, all your bones are wet.”

“Life will never be exactly the same as it was before the pandemic started.”

Unemployment Office

“Graduating from college is no guarantee that you’ll get a job.”

“It’s a lie that there is ‘health in all sizes.’ If you’re over or under a certain body weight limit, you’re more likely to get sick. There’s no but, but it’s worth it.”

“Friends come and go. By now you must already have a lot of ‘friends’ that you will never see again.”

“You’re not special… But there’s no reason to worry because the others aren’t special either.”

first person

“You may be the main character in your life, but to others you are just an extra.”

“If you don’t take care of your teeth when you’re young, you’ll regret it in old age.”

“It’s good to be important, but it’s more important to be good.”

“The world is completely ruled by corruption.”

Corruption money

“Not everything happens for ‘a reason’ or for something you have (or haven’t) done.”

“Climate change is an exponential curve and we’re just starting to draw the shoulder of it. Over the course of the next two decades, natural disasters are projected to increase eightfold. And after that it’s going to get worse.”

“It only takes seconds to destroy that which took years, even centuries, to rise.”

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