How to Shop at Online U.S. Stores from Other Countries

Shop worldwide

Want to get hands on new gadgets launched in U.S. but, you’re living in the country where it may take few months to launch that product in your country. Though you can shop at online U.S. stores with international shipping, but not every store provide international shipping.

Well there’s a lot of option to directly buy from online U.S. stores like Best Buy, Amazon and others and get directly ships to you. You can even also shop if you don’t have an international credit or debit card. There are different methods you can use to shop internationally at online U.S. stores.

Online Stores Offering International Shipping

Shipping internationally

Amazon and ebay, popular online stores are running international shipping programs where you can directly buy products with international shipping from these stores. However, you can shop at local ebay stores like, or etc.

You can directly visit the AmazonGlobal and Global ebay by clicking the above links. There’s while searching the item, select items available to ‘your-country’ in advanced search. If you are living in India then there’s a more easy option available Global EasyBuy in which you can pay in your local currency and items ships directly form U.S. to you in India.

If Online Stores not Offering International Shipping

Mail forwarding

You can buy at any of the online stores in U.S. even if they not providing international shipping. Mail forwarding services like Comgateway, Shipito, vPOST, open the doors for you to shop in U.S. from around the world.

What actually they do is provide you a U.S. shipping address which you can use at the online stores while shopping and when the packages ships to that U.S. address, they forward it to you. They also reduce the cost of shipping by repackaging of multiple orders. You can also track your orders from stores to your door way.

If Merchant Can’t Accept Non-U.S. Credit card

Buy for me

You can even shop if you don’t have an international credit or debit card or merchant can not accept credit cards with non-U.S. billing address. Package forwarding services like Comgateway make a purchase on behalf of you. All you need to do is wire transfer payments to Comgateway and they make a purchase for you with their U.S. credit card.

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