21 Amazing and Scary River Monsters

Fishing is an activity carried out by at least thirty-six million people, considered one of the most dangerous in the world and suffering from one of the worst forms of exploitation. Fishing is at the top, or very close, in mortality statistics. For that reason in this article we show you the most horrendous and giant creatures captured in the TV series River Monsters, presented by biologist, fisherman and adventurer Jeremy Wade, who fortunately releases everything he catches.


1. A 2-meter-long, 111-kg Atractosteus spatula caught in the Trinity River in Texas.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (21)

2. A 150 kg pirarucu caught in the Madeira River in Brazil. It can grow up to three meters long and weigh around 250 kg.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (20)

3. A huge bull shark trapped in the Zambezi River in South Africa

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (19)

4. An electric eel found in the Amazon River, which can reach 2.5 meters in length and weigh up to 44 kg.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (18)

5. A freshwater sawfish, which can reach up to three meters and weigh more than 180 kg.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (17)

6. A giant Siamese carp caught in the Mekong River. This fish can reach up to 3 meters and 300 kg, making it one of the largest freshwater fish species on the planet.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (14)

7. The giant freshwater stingray. At around 200kg, this was the largest river fish caught by Jeremy Wade.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (13)

8. Goliath Tigerfish, an apparent giant piranha, found in the Congo River in the heart of Central Africa.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (12)

9. 73 kg catfish from North India. This fish was 1.5 meters from head to tail, one meter in circumference, and a large tail of 1.1 m.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (11)

10. An African lungfish. The largest specimens can reach 2 meters in length.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (10)

11. A small Vundu catfish. This fish is capable of reaching more than 1 meter in length, and its maximum known weight is 54 kilograms.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (9)

12.New Zealand guide, which can reach up to 1.5 meters in length.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (8)

13. Nile perch. This species can reach up to 2 meters in length and can weigh more than 225 kg.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (7)

14. The black piranha, the largest of the 40 known species of piranhas.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (6)

15. Cuiú-Cuiú, a prehistoric-looking catfish found in the vicinity of the Orinoco and Amazon rivers.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (5)

16. The red-bellied pacu is a relative of the piranha, but unlike its famous ravenous cousin, this one uses its large teeth as a tool to crack nuts, crush seeds, and cut grasses from the river and various other food sources.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (4)

17. The Short-tailed River Stripe. This pesz typically comes in sizes up to 1.5 meters in diameter and can weigh over 200 kg.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (3)

18. A catfish weighing 74 kg and a length of 2.2 m. The largest catfish can reach 3 meters in length and 150 kg in weight.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (2)

19. White sturgeon, the largest freshwater fish and the most primitive in North America. The largest recorded white sturgeon was more than 6 meters long and weighed about 800 kg.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (1)

20. Japanese giant salamander, the second largest salamander in the world, after the Chinese giant salamander. It can grow up to 1.5 meters long. (It’s not actually a fish, but it’s still a monster)

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (16)

21. A close relative of the piranha, the Payara is often called the “vampire fish” for its long fangs, which can reach up to 15 centimeters in length. This little-known but frightening-looking fish is found in the Orinoco River in Venezuela.

Jeremy Wade River Monsters (15)

Source: Animal Planet



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