First Mini-PC with Solid-State Cooling, No Fan or Liquid Coolant to Cool Down the System

Solid-state cooled mini pc

Zotac has unveiled the Zbox PI430AJ, “the world’s first solid-state active-cooled mini-PC,” featuring cutting-edge cooling technology developed by Frore Systems. Unlike conventional passive or fan-based thermal solutions, this mini-PC leverages the innovative AirJet cooling system, which promises efficient and silent heat dissipation. The AirJet tech incorporates self-contained active heat sinks with vibrating membranes that create a powerful flow of air. This high-velocity airflow efficiently removes heat from the Intel Core i3-N300 octa-core processor, ensuring optimal performance while remaining near-silent. The Zbox PI430AJ is impressively compact, about the size of a pack of cards, yet boasts robust specifications, including 8 GB of LPDDR5 RAM and a range of connectivity options. This innovative mini-PC offers consumers a high-performance computing experience in a small, fanless, and silent form factor.

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Frore Systems, the company behind the AirJet cooling technology, emphasized that traditional thermal solutions had remained largely unchanged for decades, limiting the potential performance of modern processors. The Zbox PI430AJ aims to change the game by delivering a compact, powerful, and fanless mini-PC that unlocks the full potential of the Intel Core i3 processor. With a form factor similar to a pack of cards, this mini-PC offers strong specifications, including integrated UHD graphics, M.2 SSD storage, and extensive connectivity options. While availability and pricing for the U.S. market have yet to be confirmed, the Zbox PI430AJ introduces a promising shift in cooling technology for compact computing devices.

For more information about the Zbox PI430AJ and its availability in the U.S., stay tuned for updates from Zotac.

Source: Zotac



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