Get Instant E-mail Address Without Sign-Up

Sometimes you need an e-mail address for few minutes to sign-up frequently at some places where, your information could be abused. In those conditions disposable e-mail address is useful and safe.



Your own protection mail YopMail, Disposable e-mail is a kind of service, which creates temporary inbox of your choice instantaneously. It protects you from spam, phishing and other online abuses because you don’t have share your actual e-mail address at frequent sigh-ups.

You don’t have to go to Yopmail to create temporary inbox, it is auto generated when you sign-up with ‘any-name-of-your-choice’ at any place.

Even no registration is required for checking your temporary inbox at Yopmail, also no password is required.

type e-mail name

You can check your inbox by going at and Just type the e-mail name you had used to sign-up at any place or directly go to

Your e-mail messages are kept for 8 days. You can also delete them manually. You can not send messages from yopmail, but you can send anonymous e-mail to another yopmail address.



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