10 Best Email Providers for Small and Medium Businesses

Email is very important for modern businesses. It helps win and lose customers, keeps co-workers well-informed for collaboration, and without it, a company’s growth is severely limited.

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Cloudy with a Chance of Email

Choosing a good cloud-based email provider is crucial. There are many services to consider, which might take time. Here are some to get you started:



Google’s Gmail for business is a great choice for small businesses. It provides 30GB of storage, works with MS Outlook, and gives you a personalized email address for your company.

Microsoft Exchange Online

Microsoft Exchange Online

This competitively priced service offers disaster recovery solutions, global server coverage, anti-spam, anti-malware filtering, and various plans. It’s easy to use, familiar, and easy to maintain.

Amazon WorkMail

Amazon Workmail

Amazon’s WorkMail is a good option for growing businesses. It’s easy to set up, supports desktop and mobile email clients, offers value for money, and uses enterprise-grade security.

Yahoo Aabaco Small Business

Yahoo Aabaco Small Business

Formerly known as Yahoo! Business Mail, this service is worth considering for small businesses. It has many features, an easy-to-use management console, and reasonable pricing.



Rackspace is an affordable email hosting service for small businesses. It covers Outlook, webmail, and mobile access, offers large mailbox storage, and has an easy email migration service.



GMX is an interesting cloud email service with unlimited storage, antivirus protection, spam filter, and mobile access. It’s worth checking out for more features.

Kerio Cloud Messaging

Kerio Cloud Messaging

Kerio Cloud Messaging offers spam filtering, drag-and-drop attachments, custom filters, calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, and instant messaging. It has competitive price plans with unlimited mailbox storage.



With over 50 million users worldwide, IceWarp is a great email provider with features for email, document management, and communications. It supports Outlook and collaboration with other contacts.

Atmail Cloud


Atmail Cloud is customizable, easy to manage, offers spam and malware protection, and can be used as a hybrid solution. It can be installed on-premises as well as in the cloud.

Ipswitch Hosted IMail Server

Ipswitch Hosted Email Server

Ipswitch’s Hosted IMail Server is known for reliability and ease of use. It offers many benefits for small businesses and is reasonably priced.

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