Write Emails with Your Voice inside Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft has been actively enhancing the desktop version of Outlook, incorporating features that were previously exclusive to the online version. Among the recent additions is a tool that enables users to compose emails using their voice. This functionality is applicable when drafting new emails or responding to existing ones and is compatible with all Outlook versions from 2016 onward (as Microsoft no longer provides support for earlier editions).

Write Emails With Your Voice

To utilize this voice-writing feature, navigate to the body of the email and locate the microphone icon in the toolbar (refer to number 1 in above screenshot). By default, the language is set to US English. To adjust this, click the dropdown menu next to the microphone icon and select English 2.

During the recording process, a blue circle will appear next to the microphone. Uttering commands like “new line” serves the same purpose as pressing the Enter key. Additionally, users can vocally input various punctuation marks, including “full stop” and “comma.” To conclude the recording, simply click the microphone icon once again.

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