Sign into WhatsApp using email


WhatsApp is set to introduce a new feature allowing users to log into their accounts via email. This option has been incorporated into the Account Settings menu within a beta version of the app, accessible to selected users. To enable this, users must initially link their WhatsApp account to their email address by entering the desired email and verifying it through a link sent to their inbox.


While a phone number is still required for a WhatsApp account, the addition of an email address enables users to log in when a mobile signal is unavailable. Another upcoming feature involves allowing users to share a distinct profile picture and username with specific individuals. For instance, if privacy settings are configured to display a profile photo solely to contacts, an alternative photo can be shared with those outside the contact list, such as infrequent or one-time contacts.

Both the email login option and the alternative photo sharing feature are currently limited to the beta version of WhatsApp. If these additions prove popular and function seamlessly, they are likely to be integrated into the app’s full version in the near future.


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