Gmail’s New Message Compose Feature

new message compose_1

Google added a new message compose feature to Gmail. It is a simple, clean and user friendly composer that puts the focus on your message itself. This feature lets you compose right from your inbox, can compose multiple messages, at the same time minimize it for later.

It is very easy to insert files directly from you Google drive, attach files from your PC, text formatting. Adding emotions are still be in waiting and coming soon as described in the compose. Another great feature in this composer is you can pop-out it to new browser’s windows for easily moving to inbox and composer.

how the new compose works

You can directly send messages without affecting your inbox window, can easily assign labels within it and Your new labels created are automatically saved in the drafts, so you can check them later.

If you want to use the feature that is not available, you can switch back to old experience at any time and you will be redirected to your old composer. You can also easily switch back to your new composer by clicking on new compose experience just above the old composer.

There are few familiar features which are not yet available , but Google said the remaining features will be available soon.



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