NASA’s Images Site for Stunning Desktop Wallpapers

Nasa Images

NASA’s Images site is one of the most popular free sources of desktop wallpaper. It combines pictures of the space agency’s missions with amazing photos of the universe and Earth, captured by its Spitzer, Hubble, and James Webb telescopes.

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Some of the galleries provide dedicated Download buttons, but the most visually appealing one – ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ – requires you to right-click its images to save them to your PC.

An easier option is to install the Microsoft Store app ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ (here), which lets you browse APoD images and apply them to your desktop by clicking the ‘Set as wallpaper’ button in its toolbar (see screenshot below).

Astronomy Picture Of The Day
Set NASA’s ‘Astronomy Picture of the Day’ as your desktop wallpaper

Although the free app automatically downloads new pictures when available, to get them in HD quality you need to upgrade to its Pro version for £1.49.




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