15 Colorful Wallpapers with the Beauty of Flowers

It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter… With these mobile wallpapers you can take your favorite flowers with you everywhere. If you are a delicate girl with good vibes, you will love them.

Table of Contents


1. Happy

Happy Flowers wallpaper

2. Sunflowers

Sunflowers wallpaper

3. “Just give me all of you”

Flowers & Quotes wallpaper

4. “Be Yourself”

Flowers & Be Yourself wallpaper

5. Watercolor Style

Watercolor Flowers

6. Tumblr Style

Flower Wallpaper

7. “Remember why you started”

Cherry Tree Wallpaper

8. “You Are the Sunflower”

Sunflowers wallpapaer

9. Delicate Flowers

Delicate Flowers wallpaper

10. “Live What You Love”

Live what you love wallpaper

11. “Today I won’t stress about things I can’t control”

Yellow wallpaper with flowers

12. Nostalgic

Flowers & Newspaper wallpaper

13. Daisies

Daisy Wallpaper

14. “Today I Choose to Be Happy”

Today I choose to be happy wallpaper

15. “No amount of darkness will be able to overcome it”

Wildflower Wallpaper




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