17 Inspiring Wallpapers to Take Nature With You

Nature is beautiful and needs no retouching to make its majesty greater. Sometimes, with so much pollution in the city, we wish we had at least a little bit of relaxation and one of those natural beauties to disconnect.

Table of Contents

As we know that sometimes it is impossible to be in contact with beautiful landscapes and fresh air, we have for you 17 wallpapers that will transport you to magical places.


1. Clouds and Stars

Sky with clouds wallpaper

2. Beautiful Corals

Corals Wallpaper

3. Cliff

Cliff wallpaper

4. White Tiger

Albino tiger wallpaper

5. Forest & Lake

Lake wallpaper

6. Beach Time

Beach wallpaper

7. Full Moon

Full Moon Wallpaper

8. Highway

Road wallpaper

9. Towering Mountain

Mountain wallpaper

10. Wash

Volcano wallpaper

11. Whale Tail

Whale wallpaper

12. Aurora boreal

Northern Lights wallpaper

13. Atardecer durazno

Sunset wallpaper

14. Relámpago en el mar

Lightning Wallpaper

15. Palm Trees

Palm Trees Wallpaper

16. Leafy Greens

Green Plants Wallpaper

17. Flowers

Wallapaper flowers

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